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5 great uses for your old smartphone

5 great uses for your old smartphone

Don't throw away your old Android! I know, it's tempting to run out and buy the latest, greatest and flashiest new smartphone.

You're tempted by higher-quality cameras, sleek displays that wrap around the edges and new security features that'll keep hackers from stealing your ID. We say, "Go for it."

But don't just toss out your old smartphones. If you're like most people, including me, you've got junk drawers full of old digital devices.

Seriously, if you dig around long enough you might find a pager in there. You'll almost certainly find older Androids that are just collecting dust.

Well, we've got several suggestions for getting a lot more value from those old smartphones. Of course, you do want to keep a spare one in your house.

You might need it if you lose your phone, it's stolen or a friend from another country doesn't want to rack up roaming charges. Keep that phone somewhere you'll remember and just activate it when you need to by calling your cellphone provider.

For the other Androids, here are five ideas that will surprise you and will save you money. Please don't skip No. 4 - It'll make your day!

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Universal Remote Control

Smartphones are great, aren't they? Just when you think you've tapped out their many uses, you discover a new one.

For instance, maybe you've started using your smartphone to open the garage door. Or perhaps you're using it to turn the lights on before you get home.

But have you used your smartphone as a TV remote control? If you haven't and you have an old Android just lying around, you can easily turn it into a universal remote control for your TV, cable box, DVR and other components.

Just download an app like Smart IR Remote ($6.99 on Google Play Store). Or, if that's not compatible with your old Android, search the Google Play Store for a FREE app that works with your TV.

 Smart IR Remote - AnyMote- screenshot thumbnail

Security Camera

Nothing is more precious than your home. It's where you keep an eye on your family and know they're safe.

But what happens when you're not there? You might be on a business trip and you still want to make sure your family and possessions are safe.

Or perhaps your kids are away at college and your spouse and you go on a long-overdue vacation. You have a choice to keep your home safe: You can ask a friend to do it, hire a house sitter, buy a home security system, or set up a FREE home security camera.

Just take your old Android and download a FREE app like IP Webcam. It will turn your old Android into a security camera so you can monitor your house from any internet-connected device.

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