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Sponsored: I changed dinner time for the better and you can too

Presented by HelloFresh - You can cook dinner in 20 minutes!
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Sponsored: I changed dinner time for the better and you can too

My life is so much easier since I signed up for HelloFresh. I work all day. I do the grocery shopping. I cook a full dinner every night. I watch what I eat. I watch what I serve my family. I always do, really. Well, except when it comes to the beanie-weanies that Barry loves for some reason. I won't make them. Anyway...

Eating healthy is on everyone's mind these days. But when it comes down to it, we tend to go for what's easy and quick to get a meal prepared. We've all been through it. Just the idea of deciding what to make, what's the protein on the plate, chopping up the vegetables, deciding what spices to use, and more can get overwhelming.

No muss. No fuss. It's all in the box. Thank you!

I admit it, I was in a rut.

I'd cook the same salmon, the same beef, or the same chicken dish time after time. Maybe I'd mix things up by changing the veggie to be snap peas vs. broccoli. Dinner was boring. I was bored making it. My family was bored eating it.

Life is too short to eat crappy food and not enjoy family dinner and family time!

HelloFresh removes the hassle of deciding what to make for dinner. Every week, you pick two or three awesome recipes and they deliver all that you need to make the meals right on your door on the day you choose. Everything is fresh. Everything is great. Every little thing you need to make the meal is right in the box. Love that!

You can pick meals for two people or meals for four people. You can select family meals. Or maybe you want to pick vegetarian dishes. It's all up to you!

The other night, I made Zucchini Parmesan topped Chicken. It was delicious and my whole family loved it! I was able to whip it up in less than 30 minutes! And if you're watching your waist, this one with the side dish is only 530 calories and it's super delicious.

I had no idea zucchini would go so well with baked chicken. Not only that, the chicken tastes so much better than any chicken I've purchased at a local store. I was very intrigued by that so I decided to track down where the chicken came from.

As it turns out, the chicken was from Murray’s Farms Chicken in upstate New York. The chicken is organic and free-range. Wow, you can tell the difference in your first bite. There is a real difference. 

Save $30 now when you try HelloFresh 

Do what I did. Try HelloFresh. This is something you have to do for yourself and then, you'll sit back and say, "Now, I get what Kim was talking about!"

I've arranged you to get an instant $30 off PLUS free shipping. Click here now for this special offer.

My Mother loves HelloFresh, too. We made this great pork tenderloin dinner tonight and in her Brooklyn accent she said, "You know, this HelloFresh is really good. You ought to tell people even I like it."

Well Mom, I just did. Now you have both my and my mom's recommendation. There you go!

Click here now and get $30 off and free shipping. Pick your favorite meals and you'll see why I love HelloFresh!

Do it now while you're thinking of it.

Click here and try HelloFresh. You'll love it!

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