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3 ways to save money on prescriptions

3 ways to save money on prescriptions
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If you're like me, you feel nauseous every time you walk into the pharmacy. And I'm not talking about the feeling from being sick. It's because you never know how much money you're about to spend on the medicines that you need.

If you're not covered by insurance, you definitely want to locate the best available prescription prices. Even if you do have insurance, you might be able to find a lower price at a nearby pharmacy.

I've always wondered if there is another pharmacy out there with better prices. What if the prescription you're about to pay $80 for costs just $45 at another pharmacy a few blocks away? Price disparities like this happen quite often.

That's why we're going to share with you three great ways to save money on prescriptions.

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The GoodRx website is a quick and easy way to make sure you're not paying too much for prescriptions. The site can save you hundreds of dollars a month, even if you are covered by insurance or Medicare.

Most people are unaware that prescription prices can vary a great deal from pharmacy to pharmacy. GoodRx lets you compare prices from pharmacies in your area, so you know who offers the best price on each medication.

One example is the popular cholesterol-reducing medication, Lipitor. A search on GoodRx shows that the same Lipitor prescription ranges from $10.55 to $60.96, depending on which pharmacy you get it in the Phoenix, AZ area. Those huge savings will add up at the end of the year.

Not only does GoodRx allow you to compare prices, but it also offers coupons for certain medications...for free! Those coupons can save you up to 80 percent. You can print the coupons out or send them to your phone by email or text.

Then, simply show the coupon to your pharmacist when picking up a prescription. It's that easy.

Begin by clicking here to visit the GoodRx home page and start saving serious money for your necessary prescriptions. The service is also available as a free app for both Apple and Android gadgets.

Click here to download the GoodRx app for iOS. Click here to download for Android.

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