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Apple product launch 2017: What you can expect on September 12

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch may not have taken the world by storm, like many people once thought it would. After all, "What exactly does it do?" Good question and the answer has been, probably not enough for most people to buy one.

But Apple being Apple, they are introducing improvements and letting the world slowly figure out that it's more than just a sleek watch. The watch itself will be thinner and its not-great battery life could get a bump. It will also have new health-related monitoring functions.

However, the big news here is an LTE connection. You may know that currently to stream music, for example, you need to have your iPhone nearby. An LTE chip will allow you to use GPS for maps, send messages and stream music.

Apple TV

Do you stream content on your TV set, like Netflix's "Orange is the New Black?" Tens of millions of people do that every day.

Apple TV is one device to do that, although arguably not the best one. If you've got Roku, Amazon Fire or another streaming media player, you may not see a reason to switch to Apple TV.

Siri may be one reason. You'll get a better response from Siri now when you say something like, "What should I watch?"

The other big news? Apple TV will likely now be 4K compatible, that's high definition TV that's significantly clearer than standard HD because it has more pixels.

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