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How to download Netflix shows and movies

How to download Netflix shows and movies
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There's no denying it, one of America's favorite pastime activities now is Netflix. In fact, more than one-third of data usage consumed during peak hours in the U.S. is attributed to Netflix video streaming.

There's nothing like chilling at home, searching for that perfect flick to pass the night away. With a solid home internet connection and generous data caps, you can stream to your heart's content.

On mobile, it's a different story. Irregular mobile data connections, scarce Wi-Fi hotspots, and limited data caps are some of the factors to consider before taking Netflix on the road.

Thankfully, Netflix changed that when it finally introduced downloads for offline playback late last year.

With this feature, subscribers can download a large selection of TV shows and movies straight to their gadget for offline viewing.

As long as your gadget's storage space allows it, you can hoard your favorite Netflix originals such as "Stranger Things," "Narcos," "Black Mirror" or "Defenders" and a growing selection of movies.

In this age of mobile streaming, why does this matter, again? Well, it will be a most convenient feature to use on that long commute or road trips where mobile connections are irregular and unreliable.

Preparing for content to watch on those long airplane flights will also be easier with this option, just queue everything up on your gadget while on Wi-Fi and away you binge.

Parents will surely appreciate this feature too. Just download the old reliable shows that your kids enjoy and they will always be available for viewing regardless of the data connection quality.

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