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Save your data while traveling with these easy setting changes

iPhone: Settings >> iTunes & App Store >> Automatic Download >> turn off Apps.

3. Download Music

Have you ever found yourself on a long trip and realized you don't have any music to listen to? Not good!

If you're on a plane, you can pay to use their Wi-Fi to listen to tunes. That can be expensive. But then you get desperate when you're in the air for six, seven, eight or more hours.

Don't find yourself in that situation. Instead, open your music app. Go to the menu and look for an option to download music. If you're home or you're safely using free public Wi-Fi, download the music you'll want to listen to on vacation.

Tip in a Tip: Apps to get the best musical experience

4. Turn Off Voicemail

If you're traveling to a part of the world where you'll be charged to receive phone calls, you will most likely be charged for calls that go to voicemail.

Instead, turn off your voicemail. The easiest way to do this is to call your cellphone provider's customer service line. Ask them if you'll be charged for incoming calls where you're traveling. If so, ask them to turn off voicemail for the duration of your trip.

There's a good chance your provider offers free international texting. If so, tell your family, friends and coworkers to stay in touch that way.

Bonus: Stay Safe When Traveling

No matter where you're using public Wi-Fi, whether it's at your local coffee shop or at a hotel in an exotic, faraway location, hackers and criminals can remotely watch what you're doing.

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