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Sponsored: A fun thing I like to do with my family

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Sponsored: A fun thing I like to do with my family
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Not only am I a business owner, I'm a mom, wife, aunt and daughter. I'm sure anyone who works full time would agree that juggling work and home life is nothing short of challenging. That's why I'm always looking for simple ideas I can use to help me make the most out of the time I'm spending with my family.

Throughout the week, my schedule is hectic. But Friday night is my special night to bring everyone together for a family dinner and a dessert party.

If you're imagining me cooking for my entire family, and everyone strolling in just in time to say grace - think again. The time spent around the table isn't where this begins. It starts with the meal prep, and everyone gets involved.

You can do this in your own home by choosing a recipe and divvying up different parts for each family member. If you don't have time to thumb through a recipe book and go grocery shopping for the ingredients, one thing I like to do is use a meal order service like our sponsor HelloFresh.

HelloFresh sends everything you need for the meal you're preparing, including a recipe card with detailed instructions on how to put it together. There's also a gorgeous picture that shows you what the end result should look like. I love assigning some key parts of the recipe to my mom because her final creation rarely matches up with the image on the package. I'm not sure how she does it - the steps are really so easy - but it's something we all like to laugh about!

Tip within a tip: Fresh ingredients is one of the main reasons I started using HelloFresh. You'll be shocked when you find out how long food at grocery stores has actually been sitting on the shelf. Click here to learn more about this secret all grocery stores don't want you to find out.

When we cook on Friday nights, even Barry and Ian get involved. Barry also has five granddaughters whose favorite part is the dessert party. They've even come to call this weekly dinner the "Dessert Party," I think because they enjoy it so much.

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