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3 secrets that take the place of pricey memberships

3 secrets that take the place of pricey memberships
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There's nothing better than taking the vacation that you've always dreamed about. I can feel the warm ocean breeze flowing through my hair just thinking about it.

Unfortunately, these trips can be extremely expensive, depending on where you're headed, of course. The best way to help pay for something like a dream vacation is to lower expenses elsewhere.

A good place to begin saving is by cutting back on costly monthly membership fees. With so many helpful innovations in technology these days, it's not as difficult as you might think.

That's why you need to know these three secret ways to replace pricey memberships.

Replacing pricey weight loss programs

If you have ever been overweight you know what a struggle it can be to try and shed a few pounds. People have been turning to expensive weight loss programs for decades, looking for some help and encouragement.

With all of the great technology in the world today, there must be an easier, less expensive way to lose weight.

iTrackBites Plus app

That's where the iTrackBites Plus app comes in.

The iTrackBites app is designed to work on a point system, like Weight Watchers. It is compatible with the food score based weight loss system and it even counts calories.

Tracking your food score is a big help when trying to lose weight. Since most people have their smartphone with them all of the time, an app like this makes total sense. Wherever you go you have a personal assistant waiting to track your food score values.

You can scan barcodes, create custom foods, or use the app's massive database of common foods, pocket guide, or restaurant guide. Not only will you be able to keep track of your food intake but also your exercise and weight.

Here are some of the iTrackBites features:

  • Daily allowance calculators for all plans
  • Barcode scanner with over 1,000,000 UPC's
  • Large USDA Food Guide with accurate food and restaurant items
  • Maintain list of favorite foods and exercise activities
  • Works for All Food Score based systems or use Calories

There is a one-time fee to download the app. However, this costs much less than signing up for a weight loss program that charges a monthly fee.

The app is available for both iOS and Android. Click here to download for Apple gadgets for $3.99. Click here to download for Android gadgets for $2.99.

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