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Best tech and gadgets for your summer fun

Best tech and gadgets for your summer fun
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Summer is one of our favorite seasons of the year! As the temperatures rise, you can't help but want to read a book by the pool, spend a day at the beach or even take a long hike.

No matter which summer activity you look forward to most, if you don't have the right gear, the whole experience could be ruined. That's why we've rounded up some amazing tech gadgets that will help you get the most out of the hot summer weather.

1. Thermos connected hydration bottle

Staying active while enjoying the weather outside is a staple of summer. It's extremely important to stay hydrated while temperatures increase though. That's where this Thermos Connected Hydration Bottle can help.

The bottle holds 24 ounces and includes a smart lid that measures your liquid intake. It then sends the data to the Thermos Smart Lid app. The app determines a hydration goal personalized just for you and shows your progress toward meeting it.

Here are some of the product features:

  • Measures the intake of all liquids while providing real-time beverage temperature readings
  • The Hydration Calculator gives you a suggested hydration goal based on your personal data
  • Battery lasts up to 12 days before needing to be re-charged
  • Compatible with Apple gadgets running iOS 7 and newer

Click here to purchase from Amazon for $47.95 with free shipping.

2. GoPro HERO5 Session

I wish innovations in technology that are available today were around when I was a kid. Some of my favorite memories come from summertime adventures as a child. Having those memories captured on a modern high-quality camera would be glorious.

The GoPro HERO5 Session is the ultimate combination of performance and size. Liquid-smooth image stabilization, a waterproof design and go-anywhere durability let you capture life as you live it.

The HERO 5 Session is also great for editing and sharing. It can automatically upload footage to your GoPro Plus cloud account, providing easy access on your gadget. Then you can use GoPro's editing app, Quick, to create spectacular videos.

Here are some product features:

  • Voice control - use simple voice commands to enjoy hands-free control.
  • Compact mounting
  • 4K video and 10MP photo - take stunning 4K video along with 10MP photos in Single, Burst and Time Lapse modes.
  • Advance video stabilization - capture smooth video while mounted to your favorite gear and more.
  • One-button control - a single press of the shutter button turns the camera on and begins recording automatically.
  • Rugged and waterproof - designed with durability in mind. The HERO5 Session is waterproof to 33 feet without a housing.

Click here to purchase from Amazon for under $300 with free shipping.

3. Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

Keeping children entertained feels like a 24/7 operation. This task can be especially difficult during summer when they are on school break.

The Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is a great tool in the never-ending battle against boredom. This gadget is perfect for when you're driving across the country during the family vacation or just spending a rainy afternoon indoors.

The Fire HD 8 Kids Edition sports an 8-inch display and a 12-hour battery life. Children can use it to access movies, TV shows and games.

It can also be used to keep their minds sharp. There are over 15,000 books available with an Amazon FreeTime Unlimited subscription along with educational apps. The Amazon FreeTime Unlimited subscription comes with the purchase of a Fire Kids Edition at no additional cost for one year.

Here are some Fire HD 8 Kids Edition features:

  • 8-inch HD display
  • 32 GB storage (expandable by up to 256 GB)
  • Up to 12 hours of reading, surfing the web, watching video and listening to music
  • Dolby Atmos, dual stereo speakers, built-in microphone
  • Kid-proof case included
  • Quad-core 1.3 GHz
  • VGA front-facing and 2 MP rear-facing with 720 p HD video recording

Click here to purchase from Amazon for $129.99 with free shipping.

4. Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition is great for an all around entertainment gadget. But if you're looking for something with fewer frills, the Amazon Kindle is a great choice.

The Kindle E-reader has a 6-inch, glare-free touchscreen display, which is perfect for reading at the beach or just under the bright sunshine. You can carry a virtual library with you on the go without having to lug around all those bulky books. It's truly a book lover's best friend.

Here are some product features:

  • All-new thinner and lighter design available in black or white
  • Touchscreen display reads like real paper
  • No screen glare, even in bright sunlight
  • Battery lasts for weeks on a single charge
  • Holds thousands of books
  • Amazon Prime members read free with unlimited access to over a thousand titles

Click here to purchase from Amazon for $99.99 with free shipping.

5. Ikea Smart Lighting

As you know, electric bills can get out of control during the summer. Staying cool with a constantly running air conditioner isn't cheap. That's why you need to find ways to cut electricity usage in other areas.

Smart Lighting from Ikea can help do just that.

With smart lighting, you can change the atmosphere in your home with the touch of a button. You're in charge of up to 10 different wireless LED lights with just one remote.

You can dim the lights, turn them on or off and change the warmth of their glow. Ikea's smart lighting range includes wireless LED bulbs, panels and doors for furniture as well.

Click here to find out what smart lighting items Ikea has to offer. You can purchase LED bulbs for as little as $11.99.

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