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One secret only tech pros know to recover data from your smartphone

How to recover data on an Android gadget

Android users can automatically back up their smartphone settings, files, and data on Google's servers for free. Note that not all data can be backed up this way. Videos and photos can be automatically backed up to your Google Photos library while files and folders need to be manually uploaded to your Google Drive account.

Here's a list of your phone data that Google can automatically back up:

  • Google Contacts data
  • Google Calendar settings
  • Wi-Fi networks & passwords
  • Home screen wallpapers
  • Gmail settings
  • Apps installed through Google Play
  • Display settings (Brightness & Sleep)
  • Language & Input settings
  • Date & Time
  • Settings & data for apps not made by Google (depends on the app)

To turn on your Android phone's Google automatic backup, open your Settings app, go to a section called "Personal" then select "Backup & reset." Here, tap "Back up my data" then toggle it to On.

To restore this data after performing a phone reset, recovery or if you're setting up a new phone, just add your Google Account to the device and all the data that you've previously backed up will be automatically restored to the gadget.

If you want to restore your backed up app data and settings, open your Settings app, go to "Personal," select "Backup & reset" then turn on "Automatic restore." Now, when you reinstall the app, its app data and settings will be automatically restored.

A better backup

Important tip: Although backing up to Google Drive is the default way to secure your data on an Android gadget, there's an even better and more private way of backing up your data and files - it's called IDrive. With IDrive's Android backup service, not only can you backup your photos, videos and music, you can even backup all your texts, call logs, and every app with a single touch - features that Google Drive doesn't currently support.

With IDrive's Universal Backup, you can also backup up to five devices under one account and with cross-platform compatibility, you can backup your Android files and restore them on a completely different device - say, an iPhone or an iPad or even a computer.

You can also view, access and sync all your linked devices' backup data from anywhere on a computer or a mobile gadget. IDrive even maintains 10 previous versions of all your backed up files so you can go back to a previous version of a document if needed.

Other IDrive features that you can't do with other backup services include social media content backups (Facebook and Instagram videos and photos), secure Smart Docs and file sharing via Facebook, Twitter or email.

If privacy is of utmost importance, you'll be thrilled to know that IDrive's data is encrypted with 256-bit AES with an optional user-assigned private key so your data remains secure and away from prying eyes.

Check out IDrive's Android app on the Google Play Store and iOS app on the Apple App Store.

Ready to take your backups to the next level? Click here to save 50% on 1 TB of  IDrive cloud backup storage.

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