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3 ways hackers hide malware on Facebook

2. Messages Specifically for You

You know that hackers are dangerous. They sometimes steal your information to drain your bank account or they'll remotely hack your webcam and use it to spy on your family.

They're creepy. That includes the way they're watching you on Facebook and Twitter.

Hackers will take their time to get to know you. Just think about the personal information you've posted on Facebook. Or, better yet, take a look at the messages and photos you've recently posted.

You might be cooling off this summer at a cabin in Lake Tahoe. No matter where you are, though, you're posting photos from there. Your family and friends see those photos, but so do hackers.

Or maybe you've posted a Facebook Live video from a U2 concert. Hackers see that type of personal information and use it against you.

They'll spear phish with a message specifically geared to your interests. Maybe they'll post a link on your timeline to an upcoming concert that you might like, say Bruce Springsteen.

If you love The Boss, aren't you going to click on that link? That's what hackers are counting on.

3. Forged Friends

Over the years, you've gotten used to stopping before you click on email links. But would you hesitate if you saw a link on your relative's Facebook post or a friend's timeline?

Unfortunately, you probably wouldn't hesitate to click on those links. Which is another way that hackers are tricking people like you.

We've told you before that hackers forge social media accounts. They use photos of people you know, create a new account and ask you to be friends. Before you know it, you're chatting with an old friend when, bam! It's a hacker.

Bonus: Backup your social media

Don't let hackers take over your social media accounts. Can you imagine if they deleted all your precious posts, photos and videos?

Our sponsor IDrive isn't your everyday backup service. You can use it to back up all your private information and data to every internet-connected device that you own. That's every device with just one account!

You can back up data on your smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer. Plus, this is really valuable. You can back up your social media accounts, including Facebook.

Just think about how many photos, videos, posts and happy memories you'd lose if anything happened to your social media accounts. Go to IDrive.com and use promo code KIM to receive an exclusive offer.

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