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Woah, baby! Unusual gadgets for tech-savvy parents

Ford’s MAX Motor Dreams crib

It’s a classic parent trick for when an infant won’t sleep: take the tyke on a soothing car ride. Ford Spain decided to re-create the relaxing feel of a drive without requiring a vehicle, so they developed a prototype smart crib. The crib mimics the sounds and movements of a car. A speaker on the underside emits a low-level engine-noise soundscape and the surface of the crib moves gently like a car would around smooth corners.

Ford’s crib also includes strips of LED lights meant to simulate the calming glow of streetlights. The crib features a modern design with wood accents reminiscent of the classic Ford “woodie” station wagons.

Ford worked with an app that connects to a car and monitors a real drive so it can then reproduce the experience of taking a specific route. A Ford video delves into the process of making the crib and uses a drive to grandma’s house as an example of a route that could be recorded and then “played back” by the crib.

The crib is just a prototype, but Ford is willing to entertain the idea of putting it into production. It could be a welcome piece of baby tech for parents struggling to get their little ones to fall asleep. Watch the video below to see how it works.

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