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Sponsored: Absolute fastest way to scan and share your photo collection

Sponsored: Absolute fastest way to scan and share your photo collection
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Millions of families around the world have that one member who's considered the Keeper of the Photos. Maybe it's your cousin or aunt. Or maybe the task has been passed down to you as a special request by your spouse or mother. 

No matter whose shoulders the responsibility has fallen upon, there's often no time to scan and share more than just a few of the treasures you've captured on camera. If things were perfect, thousands of family images would be available online for all family members to share. Instead, it’s usually one relative who has boxes and albums and envelopes full of all sorts and sizes of photos, all passed down—and in reality—passed over. Does this sound familiar?

Even if you're not the family photo keeper, chances are, if you have a box of photo albums stashed beneath your bed, or in a closet somewhere. Especially, if you grew up in a time before digital cameras or smartphones.

We get it. The sight of all those photos can be overwhelming. You want to share them, but you think it will take hours and hours to scan the front and back of every image.  

Here's the good news: It doesn’t have to be that way! And you don’t have to spend the next 30 weekends scanning photographs on a flatbed scanner, or trust (and pay) an outside service to scan the family albums. The Epson FastFoto scans photos as fast as one per second and easily shares with family and friends via the cloud and on social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

The Epson FastFoto is a high-speed photo scanner, but it’s also the heart of a complete system. The FastFoto allows anyone to Scan, Restore, Save, Organize and Share photos of all sorts from postcard-size to 8x10 enlargements plus panoramas. And when it’s not busy digitizing irreplaceable photographs it does double duty scanning student artwork, tax records, old love letters and everything else that’s on paper and is important enough to save or share.

Why choose the FastFoto?

We wouldn't be telling you about the Epson FastFoto if we didn't think it would save you tons of time and headaches! The FastFoto lets you scan both sides of a photo or postcard at the same time so that the handwritten notes are preserved and saved along with the image. And it does all of these things very, very fast. Plus, scanning isn't the only thing the FastFoto is capable of. Just look at all of the additional features that are built-in!

Lightning fast scan

When we say the FastFoto is fast, we mean it. It's capable of scanning stacks of mixed-size photos as fast as one photo per second at 300 dpi and is capable of 600 dpi output. The scanned photos then become digital image files that are ready for sharing, printing, adding to scrapbooks or creating custom family albums.

Restore your images

Photos can fade as they age—chemistry breaks down and the image base deteriorates. We’ve all seen colors lose their punch and things go horribly wrong. As part of the reproduction process, the FastFoto scanner restores color, corrects red-eye and enhances the overall appearance.

Smart Photo Fix (SPF) Technology handles the corrections with just a single click—no expertise or labor required. Old images are given new vibrancy automatically with color correction and red-eye reduction features. Advanced photographers may enjoy additional post-processing using their favorite image editor, but that’s optional—richly enhanced, optimized image files are created automatically.

Clean scans every time

Misalignments are prevented by Epson’s Dynamic Skew Correction (DSC) and a sophisticated multi-roller paper feed design that automatically corrects the angle of the original as it enters the scanner. An Ultrasonic Sensor with Double Feed Detection prevents misfeeds and skipped photos, while Auto Size Detection makes it possible to mix several sizes in one stack. Epson even includes a special carrier sleeve that protects worn or ragged photos during the process. 


Single-step Technology allows you to capture both sides of a photo or postcard at the same time. The handwritten notes, date stamps and other ephemera are recorded with the image and preserved forever. As is true with any high-quality scanner, the capabilities are not limited to photos. For example, school records, children’s art projects, greeting cards, receipts and other documents can be digitized quickly. And you control the destination where the file is saved. You can place images in a folder on a hard drive or USB drive in a conventional way, or upload them directly to Dropbox or Google Drive.


Sifting through hundreds or thousands of computer files can be a nightmare of confusion without a sophisticated organizational structure. Anyone can scan an image, but can anyone find it later? The answer is a resounding Yes! with the Epson FastFoto scanning system. You will be able to locate photos (or documents) in seconds thanks to FastFoto custom software, which features unique file/folder naming as well as date and subject tagging. To organize documents other than photographs, the FastFoto includes Document Capture Pro, with which you can create searchable PDFs for easy retrieval, and ABBYY FineReader to scan and save as editable files.


Photos are made to be shared. With the Epson FastFoto, it’s easy to share some or all of your entire collection of rejuvenated memories with family and friends. Share on popular social media like Instagram and on Facebook, or upload directly to Dropbox and Google Drive. Grant access rights to family members—no more lengthy emails with resized attachments, no more mailing thumb drives full of laboriously sorted and renamed scan files. The Epson FastFoto truly is a family reunion in a box.

Protect family treasures

Many of us know our departed ancestors only by the surviving photographs. Photographs are tunnels that lead back in time and connect us to when grandparents and great-grandparents arrived in America, proudly served our country in uniform or graduated from high school.

The Epson FastFoto takes the drudgery out of scanning the irreplaceable photo collection that all families have. It’s fast—the world’s fastest*, in fact—and highly automated to perform all of the corrections and restorations that photographers and laymen alike demand.

Ready to finally tackle that photo album collection and share it with your entire family? Click here for more information on Epson's FastFoto scanner, and get the fastest way to preserve your past memories! 

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