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8 dumb ways you're wasting money on tech

We're all big fans of saving a few dollars here and there whenever we can. But guess what? We're also big fans of technology.

We know, treading that fine line between getting the latest and greatest gadgets versus spending sensibly can be challenging and most of the time, it is a practice of restraint and impulse control.

Thankfully, you can start saving money now by spending your money on tech smartly.

By avoiding a few pitfalls and looking at areas where you might actually be wasting your resources, you can still retain your "tech fan" title without sacrificing much.

Here are eight dumb ways you can be wasting your money on technology right now:

1. Not using money-saving coupons on Amazon.com, Walmart and other online stores

Who wants to pay less than they have to at the store? Everyone, of course!

That's why retailers used to get our attention by putting coupons in the Sunday paper and then dedicated coupon circulars.

Well, coupons save you money, that's why. If you find and utilize coupon codes regularly, it can all add up to sizable savings in the long run.

With the internet, money-saving coupons are online and much more convenient. You just need to know where to find them.

When you're in the shopping cart on a website, you usually see the words "promo code." A promo code, short for promotional code, is a digital coupon. You "clip" it by copying a random string of characters from an email or website and pasting it into an online storefront during checkout.

Promo codes unlock all sorts of special deals, such as instant savings on one item, a percentage off of your entire purchase or even free shipping. Many of these deals are exclusive to online shopping and save you big bucks.

Where to get coupons

So where can you find promo codes? You can sign up to get emails from retailers and they'll send them to you. You can also visit one of the websites that collects promo codes so you can find big savings for your favorite online stores in one spot.

Check out sites like RetailMeNot or CouponCodes.com. These have regularly curated and updated coupon codes for online and brick-and-mortar stores.

CouponCodes.com even has dedicated sections for each store like Walmart, Amazon, Target, Sears, Macy's, etc. for easy browsing.


Additionally, in case you didn't know, Amazon lets you use coupons on qualified items as well. The online shopping giant has a section dedicated to coupons for this purpose. Here, you can find discounts in many categories including grocery and gourmet, electronics, office and school supplies, and several more.

Better yet, Amazon offers coupons that are available to everyone as well as an entire section only available to Prime Members.


Applying an Amazon coupon to your purchase is easy. Just "clip" the coupon of the item you want to purchase and the discount will be automatically applied when you checkout.

Check this tip for more ways to save money on everything you buy online.

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