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5 dangerous phone scams that are spreading now

5. Phishing call scam

Do you remember us telling you about a group of hackers demanding ransom from Apple? The "Turkish Crime Family" claimed to have gained access to a massive cache of iCloud and Apple email accounts. If true, this would have allowed the hackers to wipe everything from the victims' gadgets remotely and reset their iCloud accounts.

Now, a new scam has popped up piggybacking on the hackers' threat. People are receiving phone calls from swindlers pretending to be from Apple support. The scammer tells the victim that the iCloud has been hacked and they need to verify their account details.

Warning, this is a scam! 

Victims receive an automated message claiming to be from Apple support and are told that their iCloud account has been hacked. They're then redirected to a live person who is supposed to help take care of the issue.

Once on the line, the victim is asked for personal information and credentials to log into their Apple accounts. Some victims have even been asked to pay a fee to have antivirus software installed on their gadget. To make matters worse, it's not antivirus software that they're paying for, it's malware. Yikes!

This phone scam is another type of phishing attack. If you receive one of these calls you need to immediately hang up! 

You also need to be prepared for the criminal to make several attempts at tricking you. Victims say they received the same call multiple times in a row before the scammer gave up.

An important thing to remember is that Microsoft and Apple will never call you to warn of a security problem. This is something you should always remember and be sure to tell people you know.

Have you or anyone you know received any of the scam calls we've covered today? Leave a comment and tell us about your experience.

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