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Why you should ALWAYS delete your web cookies (and how to do it)

You've heard about cookies, right? We're not talking about the type you eat. These are computer cookies, which are snippets of your private information, like your name and email address, that your web browser keeps.

There is a good reason to have cookies. Websites use them to remember your passwords and other information, like recent purchases or payment card information.

Have you ever wondered how your computer remembers what was in your Amazon shopping cart, for example, or remembers your logins and passwords? That's where cookies come in.

It's hard to remember life without them. Could you imagine trying to remember all your logins and passwords for every website you visit? That would be a headache.

Yet, there are a few reasons why you should seriously think about deleting cookies. For one thing, cookies can be outdated or corrupted. That can cause error messages.

Second, although each cookie is tiny, many cookies can start taking up space on your computer. That can slow it down.

Third, and most important, these cookies save information about you. They store private information about sites you visit and purchases you make. Do you really want advertisers and, worse, hackers accessing your personal information?

Note: Do you know there are web browsers that don't collect your personal information? Check out these three browsers that don't track you.

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