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Why am I seeing such terrible ads on your website and newsletters?

Why am I seeing such terrible ads on your website and newsletters?
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Have you ever shopped online or searched for a specific service? I'm online all the time so I come across this frequently. While doing some shopping, I browse from one site to another. That's when I start to notice an ad about the site I was just on. You wonder how could that be? Why am I seeing this ad that is related to what I was just searching for? The answer is personalized ads.

Personalized ads are a form of web advertising that is quite common. These ads are meant to improve your experience by offering accurate advertisements to suit you specifically. For example: If I was shopping for a new bike and jumped to another site I would most likely see a personalized bike ad from the first site I was just visiting. That's because the ad is personalized for you. The ad brings more value and success to the advertiser because it's more relevant, and it also enhances your experience. With web advertising in full swing in today’s digital age, I'm frequently asked these questions:

Q: How do personalized ads know where I am located?

A: The thought of having technology know where you are all the time can be an overwhelming feeling. However, keep in mind that technology does this to improve your experiences on not only my site, but the web as a whole. When it comes to how search engines are finding your location, there are a few things to make note of. Historically, search engines gather where you are located using your IP address. With browsers and mobile devices including Wi-Fi triangulation (received signal to pinpoint your location), GPS and more, your IP address allows search engines to have an accurate idea of where you're located. This helps serve you local ads that are relevant to you.

Q: Why Am I seeing Offensive Ads?

A: I've been asked before why I have offensive ads on my site. While I would never want my users to go through an experience such as this, it does happen. Please make note that I do block inappropriate ads from appearing on Komando.com, yet ads sometimes appear. This can be due to several reasons on the user’s end. The user accidentally visited an inappropriate domain; the user has a virus and more.

Q: What can I do to stop these ads?

A: If you see an inappropriate or offensive ad, here are the steps to remove them:

  • Click the "X" located in the top-right corner of the personalized advertisement.Personalized Ad Example | Komando.com
  • Select the best option as to why you do not want to see the personalized ad:Google Personalized Ad Example | Komando.comPersonalized Ad Disable Options | Komando.com
  • After selecting the reason why you will then be prompted with a message that says:Disabling Google Personalized Ad | Komando.com
  • Once completed, you will lastly be assured that the inappropriate or offensive ad you are seeing is closed.

Ad Closed By Google Prompt | Komando.com

Can I disable personalized ads?

Disabling personalized ads altogether is not encouraged, and doing so does not remove the ads from the websites you visit. In fact, if you disable this feature you will see an increase of ads that don't align with your interests. That said, if you do happen to see an offensive ad on Komando.com or in one of my newsletters, please click here to send me a note. I want you to have the very best experience when using my site so you'll always have the information you need.

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