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9 best photo apps for Android

 3. PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector is one of the most-loved photo editors for Android, and here's why. It's a highly polished photo tool that professional photographers use to adjust images, colors and a lot more.

Yet, it's simple to use. If you're a photo app novice, give PhotoDirector a shot. It might just become your next favorite, free photo-editing app.

Note: Some free photo apps have ads.

4. Prisma

If you want to play around with photo filters and improving the look of your snaps, you may need artificial intelligence. That's right, AI.

Prisma uses AI to help you improve the look of your photos. You just take a photo and Prisma suggests filters. These are filters inspired by famous painters. Say you take a picture of the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. Beautiful, right? Yet it can look even better, brighter and bolder in the hands of an artist. Suddenly a familiar image turns into a work of art that you can easily share on your social media networks.

5. Lightroom

You've heard about Adobe Photoshop. The photo-editing software has been popular with professional photographers for more than a quarter century. If you're not a pro, Photoshop may be more than you need.

Which is where Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for mobile comes in. Although it's also used by professional photographers, its menu-based photo-editing tools make it easy for everyone to use.

Take a photo, select a feature like cropping from the menu, and select it. Or, if you're a little more experienced using photo-editing tools, you can use Lightroom's advanced features.

6. Snapseed

Google's photo-editing app is one of the best ones out there. With Snapseed, you can easily adjust your photos.

There are filters, features to adjust colors and the sharpness of the image. Plus, you can impress your kids or grandchildren with features you don't find on just any photo app. For instance, you can zoom in and see up-close texture, like the surface of a building.

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9 best photo apps for your iPhone or iPad
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9 best photo apps for your iPhone or iPad

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