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Sponsor: The best dinner idea EVER!

Sponsor: The best dinner idea EVER!
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Keeping up with the everyday hustle and bustle can be challenging. Long hours at the office and traffic gridlock can consume most of your day. This doesn't leave much time to plan a great dinner.

You might decide to take the family to your favorite restaurant instead of cooking at home. However, with more and more people going out for dinner, securing a table or booth may be a challenge.

Even if you make a reservation, you'll find that you're dealing with crowds and waiting for what seems like forever for your meal to arrive. Our sponsor, HelloFresh, wants you to know there's a better option.

Why not have the ingredients for your meal delivered straight to your doorstep? With HelloFresh, you can choose from several gourmet meals such as Southwestern Stuffed Peppers, Wasabi Lime Salmon, Pork Luau Burgers, etc.

How it works:

HelloFresh is a subscription meal service that partners with local growers and suppliers, and then delivers gourmet meals right to your doorstep.

The big deal is that everything in the box is fresh. It hasn't sat on shelves.

Tip within a tip: Produce and other products you'll find at the grocery store may have been on the shelf long before you make your purchase. Click here to see the secret all grocery stores hope you'll never learn.

Whether you live alone, are feeding a family or are empty-nesters, HelloFresh has weekly plans designed just for you.

  • Classic Plan, $9.99 per meal
  • Veggie Plan, $9.99 per meal
  • Family Plan, $8.74 per meal

You start by signing up with HelloFresh. There are no sign-up fees, or subscription fees up front. Cancel when you want. You're billed weekly based on the plan you've chosen and recipes you've selected. Each week, new recipes are posted to choose from.

After browsing through the available recipes, select which meals you'd like for that week and enter any special requests you have for shipping dates and times.

How does the food arrive?

Your food arrives in a refrigerated box that will stay fresh up until midnight on the day of your delivery. When you receive the box, you can store its contents in your refrigerator, and the food will stay fresh for up to a week.

Nearly all of the ingredients you'll need are included in the box. However, there are a few staples that you'll need to have. Your HelloFresh package will typically not include items that most households keep readily on hand. Some examples include eggs, salt (Kosher or sea salt), pepper, olive oil and vegetable oil.

Specialty spices and everything else that you need to make your dish taste perfect are included in the box along with a detailed recipe card with prep and cooking instructions.

The box will also include a helpful recipe card that outlines the preparation steps for each meal. Here's an example of what each recipe card looks like.

Special offer for Kim's listeners!

HelloFresh is a weekly subscription service, which typically costs around $60 per week for three meals feeding two people, or $120 for three meals feeding four people. But, as one of Kim's listeners, you'll get $30 off your first order when you subscribe! All you have to do is visit HelloFresh.com/kim to receive this special offer!

Don't wait! Even if you've already made dinner plans for this weekend, just think of how much time HelloFresh could save you year-round. If you're too busy to cook at home, or would just like to take a few nights off per week, HelloFresh is a great way to serve healthy, fresh meals to your entire family!


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