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Check out the new Cars, Trucks & Tech page on my site!

Check out the new Cars, Trucks & Tech page on my site!
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Remember the days when the hottest news for cars was the 8-track player? It's been fun to see how technology has evolved as the years have progressed. Now, many cars come with built-in infotainment systems and features such as Android Auto and Apple Carplay, which make it easy to connect your vehicle with your smartphone.

That's just the beginning. Beyond the new systems that have become standard features, the auto industry is also expanding into new territory. Tech giants and auto manufacturers - including Google, Apple, Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, General Motors, Nissan, Audi, Ford, Bosch and others - are all racing to build the first truly autonomous vehicle (also known as the driverless car).

As the auto industry has expanded, I've received more questions from my listeners about how these changes will impact their lives. Before, I've answered these questions on my show or have delved into greater detail with my podcast, like this exclusive interview with car expert, Mike Spagnola.

But, no matter how interesting the subject is, there's never enough time to cover everything in as much detail as I'd like to. That's why I've recently created a brand new section on my website called Cars, Trucks & Tech. If you haven't seen it already, click here to check it out!

In this section, you'll find helpful articles covering everything from car accessories to safety and security. Trying to sell your car? Here are three better places than Craigslist to help you get the most money. Own a classic vehicle? Here's how technology can help you protect it. Want to earn extra cash for your next road trip? Then this app is for you! Want to learn more about 3-D printed cars? Here are five things you never knew about them.

This is just a handful of examples of the type of content you'll find in my new Cars, Trucks & Tech section.

And, just in case you've missed it, I've made some other exciting announcements this past month. In early January, I revealed my brand new Shop, and just last week, I launched the Komando.com app! Click here to see some of its most exciting features, and get step-by-step instructions to download it.

All of these changes are my way of saying thank you for listening! My goal is to take your feedback and bring you new ways to get the information you need. Whether you're listening to my national radio show each weekend, subscribing to my newsletters, downloading my free app and podcasts, following me on Facebook and Twitter, or checking in regularly on Komando.com, you'll always find helpful tips that make it easier to navigate through this digital age.

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