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Power user tip: Customize your Android's lock screen

Power user tip: Customize your Android's lock screen
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When your phone is locked, sometimes it feels like you're out of the loop. Has someone emailed you? What's happening in the news? When was that doctor's appointment again?

These are all questions that may be lingering in the back of your mind, but you might not want to enter in your passcode and pull up different apps to get the information.

That's what makes this tip so handy. Did you know there's a way to customize the widgets that show up on your lock screen?

Using this simple trick, you can access missed calls, tweets, calendar appointments, check the weather, and more.

Unlike Apple, which has a built-in setting for this feature, to customize your lock screen with newer Android, you'll need to install a special app. There are several apps available that have this function, and are compatible with Android Marshmallow. But here are our top three.

1. Start


Start is a free app available in Google Play that gives you quick access to your emails, messages and favorite apps. There are also built-in widgets within the app that let you access weather reports, news and more directly from the lock screen.

2. Screen Lock Guardian


This app displays five of your favorite apps on the lock screen so that you can launch them without having to dig. Screen Lock Guardian is a free download in the Google Play store, and also includes security features such as setting a maximum amount of unlocking attempts to keep snoops out.

3. M Locker


Music lovers in particular will love this lock screen app, which puts your music front and center. M Locker also includes your notifications, such as text messages and missed phone calls. You can also access your phone's camera and get a weather forecast directly from this lock screen app.

M Locker is a free download in Google Play.

The beauty of each of these apps is that they bring the information you need to you more quickly, without compromising on security. Although you can access the widgets in these apps directly from your lock screen, you'll still need to enter in your passcode before any private data can be viewed.

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Power user tip: Customize your iPhone's lock screen
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Power user tip: Customize your iPhone's lock screen

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