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7 websites that will save you a ton of money



Studies show that the average American household has $90,000 of debt. Undebt.it wants to help; it is a free site that offers debt management tools and payment plans.

People can choose from several payment methods, such as the Debt Snowball plan where you pay the lowest balance off first or the Debt Avalanche plan where you pay off the highest interest rate first. They can also create their own customized plan and change plans whenever they want.

First, you create a free account (you can use your Google account to sign up if you want). Then you fill in your debt information, including balances, interest rates, and minimum payments (account numbers and other personal information is never collected).

Use that information to compare payment plans and pick one that works best for you. Your dashboard shows when your debts will be paid, records payments, lists due dates and gives a progress report.



The Freecycle Network started in Tucson, Arizona as a way to keep reusable items out of landfills. Freecycle is a nonprofit that organizes online "gifting groups;" instead of throwing away perfectly good stuff you can donate it to someone in your area (like Craigslist but free). The network consists of over 5,000 gifting groups with over 9 million members and operates in over 110 countries.

From the home page, you enter your city and state into the site's search bar and then choose a city gifting group to search in. From there, you will see a list of orange "Offer" posts and green "Wanted" posts. Click "See details" for photos and descriptions.

Before you can reply to a post, the site will tell you that you must create a free account and join that gifting group. You can sign up through Facebook if you want and Freecycle won't post to your wall.

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