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Clever ways to safeguard your new Apple AirPods

Apple's new high-tech wireless earphones are an investment. At $159, a set of AirPods is the sort of purchase you only want to make once.

Part of what makes them so unique (they're completely wireless with no cable running between them) is what also causes some anxiety for their owners. What happens if you lose one?

You can replace an individual AirPod, but it will cost you a painful $69 for a new one. Never fear. Creative Apple fans have come up with several different ways to protect your AirPods.

These solutions range from the practical to the utterly whimsical. At least one of them is bound to appeal to you in your quest to keep your AirPods safe and sound and in your possession.

Tether it

Almost as fast as the AirPods were announced, the Spigen AirPods Strap appeared. The $10 strap acts as a leash that connects your two AirPods together. It clips into place and matches the look of the earphones.

On one hand, this gives you a convenient way to hang the AirPods around your neck when they’re not in your ears. On the other hand, it pretty much negates the gadget's most impressive feature: that the earbuds are wireless.

The Spigen strap will at least ease your worries about losing your AirPods. It easily unclips for when you want to try your luck with keeping them wireless.

This is the sort of accessory you could snap on for when you're going to be jostling about in a subway or heading out for a vigorous run. Then later, when you want to feel cool, you could unleash your AirPods and rock the wireless look.

Catch a falling AirPod

One of the more creative (and silly) solutions for flying AirPods comes from the world of 3D printing. Steve-3D, a user on the 3D-printing design site Thingiverse, offers up the M3D Twisty Earbud Catcher. These earrings look like little baskets, but they're made to catch your AirPods should they pop out of your ears.

The Earbud Catcher is a very funny concept, but it's okay to question just how practical it might be. What are the chances that your AirPod would fall right into the waiting basket and not go bouncing off your shoulder?

If you want to try to answer that question, then you can download the files and print off your own copy of the earrings. You will need access to a 3D printer, but the oddball fashion statement might be well worth the effort for AirPod owners with pierced ears and a sense of humor.

Hook yourself up

Everybody's ears are shaped a little differently. If you’re one of those people who has trouble getting earbuds to stay put, then you might want to check into Earhoox for your AirPods.

These add-on accessories attach a small silicone hook to each earbud, helping it to stay in place in your ear. Each package comes with two different sizes of Earhoox so you can pick the one that fits your anatomy best. There are several color options available, but the white will blend right in with the Apple design aesthetic.

AirPods and earlobes

Here's a unique way to hang onto your AirPods. Twitter user Andrew Cornett rocketed to internet stardom late last year when he shared a photo of the unusual method he uses for safeguarding his wireless Apple accessories. The image shows Cornett with the stem of an AirPod tucked into his gauged earlobe.

In case you’re not familiar with these popular body modifications, a gauged ear is like a pierced ear, but the hole has been widened to accommodate larger jewelry.

Cornett wrote, "Figured out how I'm gonna keep these AirPods from falling out of my ears." The tweet pulled in thousands of likes and retweets. When asked by another Twitter user if it was painful to wear the AirPods like that, Cornett responded with, "It's not so bad!"

AirPods in disguise

There has been a lot of talk about the possibility of accidentally losing an AirPod, but, as with all desirable electronics, there's also a fear of theft. Etsy seller RyanFlosss has a clever disguise for your AirPods charger that will make it look like your fancy gadget is nothing more than a teeth-cleaning accessory.

RyanFlosss offers a $5 translucent sticker, sized to fit on the charging case. The sticker reads "Flossy Max-Health Mint Flavour 50 m (54yd)."

You can see where this is going. It's a dental-floss costume for your fancy Apple gadget.

If you happen to set your AirPods case on a table, it's very unlikely anyone with sticky fingers would want to touch it, much less walk off with it. It helps that the charging case is already roughly the size and shape of a typical floss container.

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