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Entertain your ears with these unusual headphones

Most earbuds and headphones have a typical look to them. Earbuds are small, spherical gadgets that pop into your ears. Headphones cup your head from the outside. They're functional for listening to on-the-go audio, but they're also mostly forgettable.

Headphones and earbuds don't have to cling to their old, set-in-their-way looks. You can have fun and groove to your favorite tunes in style with a set of off-the-wall headphones. Come revel in the comical glow of LED-equipped cat ears and the high-tech ways of Apple's new Airpods, or bypass your ear canals all together with bone-conduction headphones.

Apple AirPods


Apple's much-hyped AirPods are the new standard for cutting-edge, high-priced wireless earphones. They’ve been teased for looking like little hair dryers and Apple fans have fretted about the potential for losing the untethered gadgets, but the AirPods are equipped with some desirable technology.

The new wireless earbuds are an advance over the ubiquitous (and now a bit old-fashioned-looking) white, wired EarPods earbuds that come with new iPhones. There's nothing connecting the two AirPods. They are completely wireless and let you activate the Siri voice assistant, listen to music, and make calls. What set them apart from other Bluetooth earphone offerings are the Apple branding, five hours of battery life (pretty good for a gadget this size), and an auto-pairing feature that hooks them up with your iPhone in no time.

Are AirPods for everyone? They’re mostly for dedicated Apple fans who don’t mind the $159 price tag and can handle the slightly odd look of having a little white tube protruding from each ear. If you’re worried about losing one, you can always buy a single replacement (but it will cost you). Click here to see just how much money Apple is charging for AirPod replacements.

AxentWear Cat Ear Headphones


Do you like cats? Take your love of your furry feline friends to a strange new level with AxentWear's Cat Ear Headphones. These are over-the-human-ear headphones with a goofy twist. The Cat Ear Headphones double as portable speakers so you can share your playlist full of Stray Cats rockabilly, John Cougar Mellencamp, and Cat Stevens songs out loud with your friends. The speakers are built into two prominent cat ears that extend from the top of the headband.

These oddball headphones started out as a crowdfunding project but caught on with major gadget retailer Brookstone. Besides the ears, the headphones also glow with your choice of blue, green, or purple LED lights. These aren't for people who like subtlety. You will definitely stand out in a crowd with your light-up cat ears.

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