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Hotels of the future will blow you away

Hotels of the future will blow you away
Image courtesy of Hotels.com

There's nothing like that first night at a hotel, after you've checked in and gotten settled into your new home-away-from-home. Traveling can bring with it a nice change of pace, and a much-needed break.

These days, hotels are constantly trying to offer new amenities that set them apart from the pack. Breakfast, free Wi-Fi, onsite gyms, spas, salons, room service and other perks are all thrown your way.

But when it comes to hotels of the future, the amenities will be nothing less than extraordinary. A recent report by Dr. James Canton, CEO at the Institute for Global Futures, provides a glimpse of what the future of the hospitality industry might actually look like. And it's fascinating!

So let's dive in! Kick back and enjoy this sneak peek of seven amazing perks you'll likely see sometime during your travels in the near future.

1. Morphing hotels

Let's start with one of the biggest ideas out there. A morphing hotel is exactly what it sounds like - a hotel that changes at the drop of a hat.

Canton predicts that hotels constructed of nanotechnology will be built, possibly even sometime within the next 20 years. This game-changing technology will allow hotels to change their designs based on customer feedback. As in, if enough people don't like the views, they're history - and the building will change, or even move, to take advantage of another location.

2. 3-D printers in every room

Forget your camera? Your flip flops? How about your toothbrush? In the future, these minor packing blunders won't ruin your whole trip. That's because the 3-D printer in your private hotel room will be standing ready to print you replacements of forgotten items.

3. RoboButlers

Traveling alone? That won't be a problem in the future! With your own personal RoboButler, you'll have someone around who'll be at your beck and call. Everything from housekeeping to room service and even your own personal concierge service could be offered by these AI assistants.

4. Neuro-dreaming

This genius concept really is a dream come true! If you're tossing and turning throughout the night, wouldn't it be great if you could choose from a library of dreams to play through?

Neuro-dreaming could do just that. Whether it's personal memories you'd like to relive or fantasies you'd like to play out, just select the dream you'd like to experience each night during your stay.

5. Personal travel avatar

Sorry travel agents. It looks like there's another wave of technology that could be aiming for this specific nook within the industry. According to Canton, travel avatars could be the futuristic way individuals book hotels and full trips for business and vacation.

6. DNA payments and check-ins

No more messing with credit cards and check books. Your overnight stay at a future hotel will be paid for with DNA serving as an instant security measure.

If that's not enough, this technology will also make checking in a breeze. A fingerprint will be all you'll need.

7. EcoHotels

Hotels are already trying to cut back on waste and reduce their use of energy, but EcoHotels will take things to an entirely new level. Renewable energy, clean products, and solar and thermal technology will make the hotels of the future completely sustainable.

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