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Easiest way to backup your smartphone

Easiest way to backup your smartphone
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Our smartphones might be the most important gateway to our digital lives. We store so much important information on these handheld gadgets that the thought of losing them is frightening!

If you're like me, once you enter someone's phone number into your contacts list, it's out of your mind forever. It seems like it would be an impossible task to recover everyone's digits. How scary is that?

Obviously, smartphones aren't just contact directories. We also store precious pictures and videos on them as well as important files.

You never know when you're going to lose your phone, or even worse, have it stolen. That's why it's so critical to back up all of the essential data kept on these amazing gadgets.

With that in mind, we're going to tell you how to back up both Android and Apple phones.

Backing up an Android phone

File transfer app

There are different ways to back up your data from an Android phone. One way is to use a free file transfer app. We recommend using AirMore.


AirMore is a cross-platform tool that allows you to connect your mobile gadget to a PC wirelessly. It frees you from cables and client. The only thing you need to do is open the PC's web browser.

Here are some features you'll find on AirMore:

  • File transfer - Easily transfer data, music, photos and videos between your Android gadget and PC.
  • Manage contacts - You can manage all of your contacts on AirMore Web conveniently, including editing, deleting, transferring and making phone calls.
  • Secure transfer - AirMore makes the transfer between mobile gadgets and the PC more private and secure, as your approval is required for successful connection.
  • File management - You can delete, download and upload the files in your Android phone. Manage apps, documents, music, photos and videos easily.

Click here to see additional AirMore features and get the link to download the app.

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