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5 must-have apps for any Android device

5 must-have apps for any Android device

Here they are, ladies and gentlemen. The cream of the crop. If you're not using these apps on your Android phone or tablet, you're missing out. I promise, these apps are worth downloading.

1. AirDroid


When your smartphone runs out of room, it can be a real pain to get all of your photos, documents and videos transferred over to your computer.

But don't bother fumbling with cables to sync the files on your computer and your smartphone. AirDroid lets you import everything from your phone wirelessly, even video, music and apps!

Just log into the app and load a webpage on your computer. The page encrypts the connection between your smartphone and computer so no one can steal what you send.

Transfers aren't the only thing AirDroid can handle. Once you've synced your device with your computer, you can even send or receive texts from your PC without ever touching your phone! You can also edit contacts, set new ringtones, view your Android's screen in real time and take screenshots, see through the lens of your device's front and back cameras, and share content back and forth.

Watch this video for a demonstration of the app:

2. WPS Office


Microsoft Office has so many tools for word processing, creating spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. Send anyone nearly anywhere on the globe an Office file and chances are they will be able to open and probably edit it. So it's hard to imagine any other software could replace Microsoft Office.

But when you take a look at the price for Microsoft's flagship software suite, you might seriously consider looking for a cheaper alternative.

WPS Office, formerly known as Kingsoft Office Free, is a free alternative to Microsoft Office that has word processing, spreadsheets and presentations available. And what's better than free?

You can download the personal WPS Office + PDF suite, which includes Memo, Document, Presentation and Spreadsheet, in one bundle. The entire WPS Office isn't just the newest version of the whole kit and kaboodle, it's completely free!

The documents you create within the app are fully compatible with Microsoft's software, meaning they can be opened using Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and even Google Docs, Slide and Sheets.

Also included in this app is a free PDF converter and reader, which makes it easy to view files in PDF format.

If you fall in love with WPS Office + PDF, there are other apps you can download that go along with it. WPS Office Extra Goodies, for example, gives you a spell checker and thesaurus. 

3. LLama

screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-4-15-34-pmThere are certain times when you want to be reached, and certain times when you don't. But having a cellphone means that anyone can call you at any time, no matter where you are.

Llama is an app that lets you customize your notifications, and even takes things a step further by allowing customizations based on your location.

For example, when you walk into work, your phone will automatically adjust your alerts and only allow certain people to contact you. This means you could set the app to block calls from people you don't want bothering you while on the job.

This is just a basic example, but the app goes far beyond that. There are settings that will sync your Bluetooth headphones to your device when you wake up, so it's ready for your morning run.

4. 1Tap Cleaner


Have you ever tried to download a fun app or new program only to be shut down because there is not enough space on your gadget? Then you have to search through your phone to find out what you think might be the space hog. Well now you don't have to search anymore.

1Tap Cleaner gives you a rundown of all the apps, programs and media items taking up space on your gadget and will tell you how much space you will save by wiping out a specific item. You can also manage the memory use of your home screen widgets. You'll be the storage master!

The app can also wipe out the cache, call, text and internet history with just the touch of button. Not only does that free up space, it can improve your privacy.

You might find this app especially useful to give you space for the barrage of family pictures that are taken during the summer months. Memories of barbecues, fireworks, family reunions and everything else will have plenty of space on your smartphone or tablet.

There are no reputable Apple cache and history cleaners that I feel comfortable recommending to you, but I will keep you updated if any are released for the iOS platform.

Android users, Give 1-Tap Cleaner a try and let me know how you feel about it! Do you love it? Do you hate it? I want to know!

5. Pocket


There are so many informative articles on the web, you definitely don't have time to read them all. Coming back later usually doesn't work. It's easy to forget where you saw a certain article.

Pocket, formerly known as Read It Later, is the perfect solution. It's an add-on that allows you to save articles to read later on your computer, smartphone, tablet or e-reader.

From here on out, if you find something you want to save for later, you can save it to Pocket to read at another time.

You never have to miss a fascinating read. And you won't end up with a mass of disorganized bookmarks.

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