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Which smartphone has the best camera?

Which smartphone has the best camera?
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Smartphone technology keeps getting better and better. They aren't just for talking anymore. It's just amazing the number of things we can do with a gadget that fits in the palm of our hand.

You can surf the internet, turn the smartphone into a remote to control other devices, play high graphic video games and so much more.

One piece of technology that has made serious strides lately is the smartphone camera. It can be the deciding factor when selecting which smartphone is best for you.

With that in mind, we'll take a look at some of the best smartphone cameras available today, and which one we feel is the best.

Moto Z


The Moto Z by Motorola was released in the summer of 2016. It has a sleek, ultra-thin design and comes with an advanced, low light camera. You are able to capture clear pics with laser autofocus and optical image stabilization.

What makes this smartphone's picture-taking ability exceptional is its compatibility with Moto Mods. These are accessories that snap onto the Moto Z using integrated magnets.

A great Moto Mod for photography is the Hasselblad True Zoom. It provides a 10x optical zoom, Xenon flash, and RAW format shots. The downside is the extra cost. The Hasselblad True Zoom costs around $300.


iPhone 7 Plus


Apple released the iPhone 7 Plus in September. One compelling new feature of the iPhone 7 Plus is the dual-lens camera.

The telephoto and wide-angle lens on the 7 Plus work together to allow depth-of-field or bokeh (background blurring) effects on photos similar to what digital single-lens reflex (DLSR) can do. The improvement of the camera's zoom due to the addition of a telephoto lens is another new feature great for photography fans.

That means you can get higher-quality zoom from farther away. And with an all-new Portrait mode, portrait shots will look better than ever.


Google Pixel


Pixel by Google lets you take brilliant photos in low light, bright light or any light.

It has a 12.3 MP camera for sharp, crisp images. With f/2.0 aperture, for bright, even photos.

With Google Pixel, it's easier than ever to take the perfect photo. You can catch action shots as they happen with Smartburts. And, Google Photos keeps all your photos backed up and organized, so you can find and share them faster than ever.

Best smartphone camera: Samsung Galaxy S7


Another smartphone that came out in 2016 with a great camera is the Samsung Galaxy S7.

With an F1.7 lens, the Galaxy S7 has the widest aperture available in a smartphone, letting the most light into the camera. And with Dual Pixel technology, it captures so much light that your photos come out sharp and detailed, even in the dimmest situations.

It also has a Dual Pixel camera. The autofocus focuses as fast as you can blink, so you can capture the most sudden of movements. This means less blur, even if you are taking pictures on the go.

These features, along with a 12MP camera on the back and 5MP on the front, make this smartphone great for taking photos. It's my choice as the best smartphone camera available.

You really can't go wrong with any of the phones we looked at in this article. You can compare each of their specs on the chart below and decide which one is best for you.



Moto ZAndroid 6.0.132GB5MP/13MP5.5 inches


(535 ppi)

iPhone 7 PlusiOS 1032GB,



7MP/12MP5.5 inches


(401 ppi)

Samsung Galaxy S7Android 6.0.132GB5MP/12MP5.1 inches


(577 ppi)

Google PixelAndroid 7.132GB,


8MP/12.3MP5 inches


(441 ppi)

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