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Sponsor: 10 shocking facts about burglars

  • Super-fast - Since thieves are always on the lookout for easy targets, it doesn't take them long to get in and out with the stolen goods. On average, the criminal can break into your home in less than one minute. An unprotected home can be burglarized in under 10 minutes.
  • Point of entry - The most common point of entry for the burglar is right through the front door. That's where they enter about 34 percent of the time. Their next favorite entry is a first floor window, which they enter nearly 23 percent of the time. Shockingly, many of these doors and windows are left unlocked by the victim.
  • Brazen - Even though most burglars target homes when the resident isn't around, there are still many brazen criminals. Nearly 30 percent of home robberies occur when someone is at home. This increases the chance of it becoming a violent crime.
  • Very insightful - Burglars know that people are not great at hiding their valuables. The typical thief goes directly to the master bedroom as their first stop. They search for cash, jewelry and other valuables under mattresses, in dresser drawers, nightstands and closets. The FBI says the average property loss during a burglary is over $2,200.
  • The criminal's age - Unlike the Hollywood scenario that I described earlier, where the thieves were aged-professionals, the typical burglar is an inexperienced male teenager.
  • Repeat offenders - It is not uncommon for a thief to target the same home multiple times. Once they know the lay of the land and how to break-in, there's a good chance they will do it again.
  • Thieves target unprotected homes - Burglars do their best to avoid homes that are protected with security systems. One study showed that nearly 60 percent of convicted burglars admitted that if there was a security system present at a home they were targeting, they would move on to another.
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