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Get a Facebook privacy checkup

Get a Facebook privacy checkup

Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites around. The number of worldwide users is approaching a whopping 2 billion.

Connecting with people from our past and staying in touch with friends and family that live across the country is part of Facebook's appeal. But, one downside to being on social media is having to be constantly worried about your privacy.

The good news is Facebook has a Privacy Checkup that lets you review who can see your posts. It shows you who can see your profile information, like your email address and phone number as well. You can also check the settings for apps that you have logged into Facebook.

This Privacy Checkup is completely free and helps you review and adjust your privacy settings, which ensures you're only sharing information with people you want to see it.

Get a Facebook Privacy Checkup

Here are the steps to access Facebook Privacy Checkup on a PC or Mac:

  • Click the padlock button found at the top right-hand corner of any page on Facebook. It looks like this: padlock
  • Click Privacy Shortcuts
  • Click Privacy Checkup - This opens the Privacy Checkup feature

privacy checkup

Once you have accessed the Privacy Checkup feature, it will walk you through these easy steps.

  • Posts - Your first step is to decide who can see your posts. You choose from Public, Friends or Only Me. If you select Public anyone on or off Facebook can see it. Friends, only your friends on Facebook can see and obviously Only Me means only you can see them. There is even a More options menu that lets you customize who can see your posts, like your family, those designated as close friends, or people who are in Facebook groups that you belong too. Keep in mind that you are also able to edit your posts' visibility whenever you are about to share one. You just have to click the button next to "Post" and choose who can see it.

who sees

  • Next - Once you've selected who can see your posts, click the Next button.
  • Apps - The next step is to decide who sees the apps that you have used through Facebook. Apps refer to any interactive third-party feature. They can include anything from logging into another service, like accessing Spotify with Facebook, to games that you have played through your Facebook account, like Farmville. Selecting who sees your apps is the same as the selection process for posts. Bonus tip - While you're at it, go into the Apps Settings and remove any apps that you no longer use. Just click the X next to the apps that you want to get rid of. There's no need for these unused apps to have access to your Facebook account.
  • Profile - Finally, you select who can see your profile information. Your phone number, email, birthday and hometown are some of the things listed under profile information. Again, selecting who can see this information is the same process as with posts that we went over before.
  • Finish Up - When you're done going through the Posts, Apps and Profile, click the Finish Up button. You will see a screen confirming that you are finished with the Privacy Checkup.checkup finish

Additional Settings

If you want to see and edit all of your privacy settings, you can do that as well.

  • Click on Privacy Shortcuts
  • Click on "See More Settings" - Here you can decide who will be able to "see my stuff" and review all of your posts and everything that you have been tagged in. You can also choose who can look you up using your email address, phone number or search engines outside of Facebook.

Here are the steps to access Facebook Privacy Checkup on a mobile device. It's the same on both Android and Apple's iOS.

  • Tap the menu button from any page on the Facebook app. It looks like this: 3 lines
  • Scroll down and tap Privacy Shortcuts.
  • Select Privacy Checkup.

Once you have accessed the Privacy Checkup on a mobile device, using the feature is the same as on a PC or Mac. The only difference is the steps are in a different order. On mobile, the order is Posts, Profile and then Apps.

This is what Privacy Checkup looks like when you open it on a mobile device:

mobile privacy start

You will see this message when you're finished on a mobile device:

mobile privacy finish

Bonus Tip: You can also perform a Facebook Security Checkup, which is different from the Privacy Checkup. Facebook's Security Checkup lets you make sure your security settings are up to date on the social media site. Security settings help to keep other people from accessing your account, using tools such as login alerts, security codes, public keys, etc.  Click here to find out how to use this feature.

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