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Are TV antennas making a comeback?

Don't be fooled by myths

You shouldn't let negative rumors keep you from cutting the cable TV cord. Here are some myths that just aren't true:

  • You can't watch live sports without cable - False: You can watch all major sports broadcasts on your local channels with an HD antenna. Also, almost every NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and MLS game can be streamed to your TV for a subscription fee from each league's website.
  • Modern TVs do not pick up local channels - False: Free local TV broadcasts are still transmitted through the air throughout the U.S. You just need an HD antenna connected to your television. Many TV stations also broadcast two or three additional channels that are not carried by cable or satellite.
  • Cutting the cord doesn't save as much money as people claim - False: The average U.S. household pays over $1,000 a year for 189 channels of cable TV service. On average, only about 17 different channels are actually being watched. It makes sense to pay for just the channels you and your family watch.
  • You will have to give up your favorite cable channels - False: Many cable channels are making the switch to internet streaming and more are constantly being added.

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