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The best iPhone shortcuts you should be using

The best iPhone shortcuts you should be using

Whether you have a new iPhone 7 or have just updated the operating system on your older iPhone, iOS 10 has some brand new features that can make your life much easier.

1. Get a quick look at notifications (or not)

Finding all of your alerts is much easier with iOS 10. Whenever your phone falls into sleep mode, to wake it up, you'll just have to pick it up or tilt it.

In iOS 10, Apple uses your iPhone or iPad’s screen to show notifications and widgets. If you want to bypass this and get to your home screen quickly, enable Rest Finger to Open.

Open Settings. Navigate to the General and then, the Accessibility menu. Select Home Button. Find Rest Finger to Open and move the toggle so it is enabled. Now, just place your finger on the Touch ID sensor to unlock your phone.

2. Make your app icons look larger

iphone tricks - apps larger

A quick way to make apps easier to find on your phone is to make the icons bigger. You can do this by going into your Settings menu and tapping on Display & Brightness. Under Display Zoom, tap the option that says Zoom, and then tap Zoomed to display larger icons.

It makes a world of difference. The only downside is that you can't fit as many apps on each screen. With the Standard setting, you can fit up to six rows of apps. With the Zoomed setting you can fit only five.

3. Remove annoying standard apps


It's something Apple users have wanted for years, and with iOS 10 it's finally possible. We're talking about deleting all of those annoying pre-installed Apple apps. Apps like Stocks, Pages, Numbers and Watch take up valuable storage space on your phone - and yet, most of us hardly use them.

With iOS 10, you can now delete these apps just as you would any other. Simply tap the app and press down until the app begins to shake and an X appears in the left-hand corner. Then, tap the X to remove the app altogether.

Be careful with this, though. Some of the pre-installed apps actually help to make other functions work. For example, deleting the Mail app could create issues if you need to send attachments via email.

4. Get reminders to go to sleep


You're used to your alarm going off to tell you it's time to wake up, but what about when it's time to sleep? This new feature within the Clock app lets you set scheduled reminders for when it's bedtime.

To schedule your reminder, the app will first ask you what time you'd like to wake up. It then asks how many hours of sleep you need in order to feel rested. The next step asks which days of the week you'd like to have this reminder, so you can schedule different times for workdays and weekends.

Just like your morning alarm, the Bedtime feature lets you choose the sound of your alarm and how far in advance you'd like it to go off.

5. Send better messages

One of the biggest improvements can be found in the Messages app. Apple revealed these updates in a full demonstration during its "See You On the 7th" event.

Features include handwritten messages, digital touch, full-screen effects, larger emojis, emoji predictions, and more. Watch the video below to see a full demonstration on how these features work.

These settings and features will help you get more use out of your iPhone. Click here for three handy tricks to get more from your iPad.

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