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Best ways to watch NFL games without cable

Best ways to watch NFL games without cable

The 2016 football season is heating up. Have you been watching? With or without a cable subscription, there are many ways you can tune in to see every touchdown, tackle, fumble, and rumble. Even more so now that the NFL's blackout rules have been overturned.

But unfortunately, like when Carson Palmer throws the ball to Larry Fitzgerald, there's a catch. Only a certain number of games will stream for free and other packages will require a fee or an existing cable subscription. I'm going to cover them all.

So now it's time to ask your TV, tablet, and smartphone, are ya ready for some football? Here's how you can tune in:

With a cable subscription

If you are in not in front of your TV,  you can stream all the games offered by your cable TV provider on the networks' different apps. NFL games are aired on ESPN, FOX, NBC, CBS and the NFL Network.

Just download each of the network apps and your cable or satellite provider and a password. For your convenience, below are the links for each network:

NFL Sunday Ticket - If you are a Direct TV customer, NFL Sunday Ticket is the best option if you want to watch every single game played.

Just sign into your DirecTV account to sign up for the package. It will cost you around $270 for the whole season (six monthly payments of $44.99) or $360 for the Sunday Ticket MAX package (six monthly payments of $59.99).

Without a cable subscription

NFL Sunday Ticket 

If you want NFL Sunday ticket but don't want to sign up for satellite, you now have options. If you live in a house or apartment where satellite TV is not available or you are not allowed to put up a satellite dish, you are eligible.

You can get a standalone Sunday Ticket subscription for $200 total ($49.99 payments for four months). Click here to sign up now. You'll also need the NFL Sunday ticket app. Click here to get it for Apple and click here to get it for Android.

If you are a college student, Direct TV is offering NFL Sunday Ticket student pricing for the first time. Click here to see if you can get it.

Sling TV

Sling is a live TV streaming service that includes content before only offered on cable. Packages start at $20 but that will only get you ESPN.

If you want the NFL Network and the NFL Redzone Channel, the price is going to jump to $50 a month. There is no contract so you can just cancel after football season if you want. Click here to explore your options and choose which package is best for you.

To make Sling even more enticing, T-Mobile customers can sign up for Sling at a discounted rate of $14 per month. These streams also won't count against your data with T-Mobile's Binge On program.

Play Station Vue

Don't let the name "Play Station" fool you. The streaming service actually works on a variety of devices and operating systems, including Amazon Fire, Roku, iOS, Android, etc. You just need to set up a free PlayStation Network account to access your profile.

Watching the games with Play Station Vue will set you back $40 for the entire season and includes the RedZone channel.

Komando Indoor Amplified HD Antenna

If you don't want to pay for NFL Sunday ticket or other packages mentioned above, your best option is to pick up an Indoor Amplified HD Antenna from Kim's Store.

With an HD antenna, you can cut the cord on cable but still get local channels - including the all the local games in hi-def.

Since you're reading this article, you get a special discount if you buy now. The Komando Indoor Amplified Antenna, originally $65.95 is only $45.95.

Talk about a touchdown! Click here to get your Indoor Amplified HD Antenna now.

Through your phone provider

Verizon - If you're a Verizon Wireless customer, grab the NFL Mobile app for Apple and the NFL Mobile app for Android to stream local and prime-time games, as well as the RedZone channel (for an extra $1.99 per month). Note that this is only for mobile devices and not your TV.

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Has a blown call ever gone against your favorite team? New changes hitting the field this season to keep officials in check. Find out how Dean Blandino, Senior VP of NFL officiating is taking action. 

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