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5 Safari tricks you'll use time and time again

5 Safari tricks you'll use time and time again
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Do you know how much happens on the internet in just one minute? It's more than you can even imagine. There are 2.78 million YouTube videos watched, 150 million emails sent, 51,000 app downloads in iTunes, 38,194 Instagram posts, and 2.4 million search queries on Google. Wow.

With all that going on in mere nanoseconds, every little sliver of time counts. That's why there are shortcuts you can take to speed up what you need to do online.

If you're a Safari user, here are five shortcuts and tricks you'll use over and over again.

1. Browse privately
Security is at the top of most web users' minds. That's why we are frequently recommending using a private browser to make sure your data and communications aren't being stolen or snooped on.

In order to launch private browsing in Safari, Command-Shift-N will open a new private browsing webpage.

browse privately

2. Mute a loud tab
How many times have you opened a new tab only to be confronted with a noisy ad or video? Quickly mute the tab by clicking on the speaker icon on the left-hand side of the URL bar.

mute a loud tab

3. Enable reading mode
There are many things that compete for your attention on the web. There's the article you want to read, there are links to related content and there are ads. Get rid of all of these distractions by turning on reading mode. Simply click the icon with three straight lines to the left of the URL bar and you'll get a clean, clutter and distraction free article to read.

enable reading mode

4. Bring back a closed tab
Have you ever hit "X" on a webpage but didn't mean to? I have done that more than my fair share of times, and let me tell you, hitting Control Z or the undo button doesn't work.

In order to bring back a closed webpage or tab, Command-Shift-Z is the key to bring back up to 10 of your most recently closed webpages.

bring back a closed tab

5. Jump to a specific tab
How many tabs do you have open at any given moment? If you're like me, it's at least five. Luckily, you can navigate between all of your tabs by hitting Command and a number from one to nine. The tab on the left will be tab 1, the one next to it on the right will be tab 2, and so on. You can also use the arrow keys to navigate through your tabs in order.

jump to a specific tab

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