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Do you need a battery app?

Do you need a battery app?

Phones allow us to do so much but once the battery dies, we obviously can't get anything done. Naturally, a longer battery life means more accomplished tasks. In the past, we've told you about apps that monitor your battery usage for you. Click here to see our full list of apps that can tune up your smartphone.

Many people live by these apps. The research firm ComScore recently reported that the average smartphone user spends 50 percent of their time using smartphone apps. So it makes sense that you'd want to maximize how long the battery lasts. But do those battery apps actually work?

Surprisingly, the answer is: Not as well as you might think. While apps like Battery Doctor can contribute to the efficiency of your battery, research suggests that these apps may not be providing as much accurate information as originally hoped.

Are they harmful? Not necessarily. But, in the end, these apps may actually just take up more space on your phone or tablet than they're worth.

The good news is, there are other ways to test and improve your gadget's battery life. To begin, you first need to determine what's draining your battery. Both Apple and Android phones have a section in settings where you can monitor what uses the most power. Here's how you can access that information:


For Android devices, open "Device Settings" and scroll down and select "About Phone." Click "Battery Use" and view a list of all the phone functions, applications and the percentage of the battery they have consumed.


For your iPhone or iPad, open "Settings" and scroll down to and select "Battery" to access the list.

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