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3 ways to customize Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with a lot of default settings, and some are more helpful than others. If you feel like you’re not getting the most out of Windows 10, or if you’re getting too much, we’ll show you how to change these settings so your computer runs the way you want.

1. Hide task view and Cortana

In your taskbar, there’s a place to search Cortana and add virtual desktops. If you know these are features you’re going to stay away from, hiding them takes no time at all. Just right click on the taskbar, hover over "Cortana" and select "Hidden." To hide task view, right click on the bar again and then click "Show Task View Button."

2. Enable jump lists

These show you the most recent files accessed in an app by right clicking on that app. To enable this feature, open your Personalization settings and click the "Start" tab. Scroll down to the last option and turn it on.

3. Schedule restarts

Windows 10 pushes out frequent updates, and although there aren’t any left this year, there will be plenty next year. To set your computer up to restart automatically, go to your Update & Security settings. Select "Windows Update" and scroll down to your advanced options. Under the header that says "Choose how updates are installed," click the dropdown and select "Notify to schedule restart."

Getting your computer set the way you want it may take a few extra steps, but you can do it quickly.

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