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How to modernize your old photos and slides

Q. Hi Kim, I have a bunch of old photographs hidden away in old shoeboxes that I can't show to anybody unless they pay me a visit. My grandkids set up a Facebook page for me and taught me how to make an album. Will you tell me how to put my photographs on the internet so that I can share them online?

-Eleanor from Statesville, N.C. listens to the Kim Komando Show on 1290 AM WHKY Saturdays at 10 a.m.

A. That's a great question, Eleanor. It's amazing that you have so many photos from your past, here are three ways to digitize your photographs so that you can preserve all of those wonderful memories.

1. In-store photo service


Costco, Walmart and Walgreens have photo and slide conversion services. After you've gone through your photos, bring the ones you'd like to digitize to each store's photo center. A sales clerk will go over prices and packages with you. You'll leave your photos there and the store will call you when can come back to pick up a DVD with your images. These three companies also convert VHS tapes to DVDS.

If you rather shop at a small business, check out a local company in your city like Precision Camera. They're located in Austin, Texas and they're a sponsor for my show that's broadcasted on KLBJ.

2. Mail-in photo service

If you're not very mobile then mailing your photos to a service that operates online may be a better option. You can send your photos or slides to services iMemories, ScanMyPhotos and FotoBridge; they mail you a DVD with all of your images and they return the original photos too. 

iMemories is running a limited time offer that charges 49 cents per slide or photo. Scan My Photos has a prepaid box option; you pay a flat rate of $145 to digitize a box of photos and $196 for a box of slides. The box is  11" x 8.5" x 5.5" and it can hold about 1,800 photos or 450 slides. FotoBridge has several different price points for packages that start at 250 photos or slides and goes all the way up to 10,000 photos or slides. It's $99.95 to digitized 500 photos and $189.95 for 500 slides. 

3. DIY with scanner


If you prefer do-it-yourself projects then this might be your best bet. You can purchase this image scanner from the Komando store. It also has an SD card reader so you can print new photos that you take on your digital camera. You don't need a computer to edit the photos, you can do it right on the scanner's LCD screen. Click here to buy it.

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