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3 Apple fixes you need to make now

3 Apple fixes you need to make now
The Apple Repair Station

Apple is one of the most buzzworthy companies in the world. There's always so much hype surrounding the latest versions, such the iPhone 7 launch date or new iOS 10 features. Because of all this talk, consumers can hardly wait for the releases and their expectations are set very high.

Apple does their best to back up their good reputation by providing solutions when their products fall short. But as the owner of an Apple device, you must also do your part. Make sure you're doing these three things to keep your electronics running like new.

1. Install Updates


The last two iOS updates were made to fix vulnerabilities in security. Apple's iOS Version 9.3.3 combatted a bug that was stealing passwords via text messages. Version 9.3.4 stopped memory corruption. It's important to listen to those pesky update notifications in order to keep your information safe.

2. Repair and exchange program




Like most companies, Apple has recalls when a lot of people are having the same problem with a certain product. Most recently there was a cable that wasn't sufficiently charging devices or failed to charge them at all. Apple told customers how to tell the difference between a faulty cable and a newer version that worked, how to get a free replacement cable, and how to get a refund if they already bought a new cable. Although the recalls are few and far between you may want to bookmark this page so that you can stay abreast of updates to the program.

3. Use Security Questions for your Apple ID



Apple uses a two-factor authentication system when you try to log into your account from a device you haven't used before. You put in your Apple ID and then a one-time use passcode is sent to your phone (via text or phone call) that you must enter to gain access. But if your phone is lost or stolen then you won't be able to receive the code, get into your account and protect your information. Adding a security question is another line of defense, just make sure the answers aren't too obvious or common. As long as you remember your Apple ID and your security questions' answers, you should always be able to get into your account.

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