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4 helpful Windows 10 features you'll love

You may already be aware of some of the best qualities the new operating system has to offer, but there are even more ways Windows 10 has become user-friendly.

Check out these handy features:

1. Window Snapping

This feature was introduced in Windows 7 and has been expanded upon. Now when you drag an open window to either side, you can choose the program you want to appear on the opposite side. Additionally, you can now snap windows to the corners and be able to look at four separate windows at the same time!

2. Virtual Desktops

Window snapping is great, but if you've got a smaller screen, virtual desktops are better. This new addition in Windows 10 lets you create multiple desktops to streamline productivity. That way if you need to have your emails open full screen at all times, for example, you can put that on a whole separate screen, so you don't have to worry about accidentally closing it!

3. Phone companion

Windows 10 introduced a phone companion feature that helps you better sync your phone with your PC. Whether you have an Android, iPhone or Windows phone, you can effortlessly set it up to sync with your machine and transfer all your important contacts, emails and files effortlessly. You can download Cortana to your phone - even if it's not a Windows phone!

4. Cortana

Speaking of Cortana, Microsoft's virtual assistant is integrated with Windows 10. You can speak directly to her, or just click the Cortana icon in the taskbar. She'll look up local information like weather and traffic conditions, as well as tell you anything you want to know - like Harrison Ford's height.

These are just some of the improvements Windows 10 made over its predecessors. Make sure to explore the operating system and let us know what you like about it!

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