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3 great ways to save money on movies

3 great ways to save money on movies
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Summer is in full swing, and people across the country are feeling the heat. You can only host so many barbecues and pool parties before even they start to get boring. That's why we're always looking for entertaining and inexpensive ways to keep cool.

One of the best things to do during the summer is to catch those blockbuster movies. But this can be an expensive hobby. By the time you buy your tickets, drinks and popcorn, you can easily spend $15-$20 - and that's just for one person! That cost really adds up when you're with the entire family. Luckily, there are some apps out there that can help you save money the next time you head to the theater.

1 CheapCharts

Sometimes you're just not in the mood to deal with traffic and a crowded movie theater. iTunes is a great place to find a movie when you want to watch in the comfort of your own home. You can find great deals on flicks, among other content, with the CheapCharts app.

CheapCharts is a free price tracking app on iTunes. It will keep you up to date on discounted movies, music, apps, TV shows, books and audiobooks.

All you need to do is set your preferences in the app on the things you like. It will track your favorite movie genres, artists, shows, and more. Once the price drops on your favorites list, CheapCharts will send you a notification and you can get the best deals around.

2. Atom Tickets

There are plenty of sites and apps out there that make going to the movies a great experience. For example, Atom Tickets that lets you buy your movie tickets and popcorn, skip the line, even coordinate with your friends. Better yet, when you sign up to use the app, your first ticket is on them.

All you need to do is download the app, purchase your tickets and you'll get a QR code with your tickets on them. So when you arrive at the theater, that's all you'll need. No standing in line or anything. Same thing for the concession stand.

Atom Tickets will work at most Regal, Edwards and AMC theaters. Currently, it's only available in select cities in California, Tennessee and Georgia, but a national expansion is expected later this summer. The app is a free download for both Apple and Android users.

3. Dealflicks

Another great app that gives you a variety of movie discounts is Dealflicks. They partner directly with movie theaters to try and avoid empty seats during a show. There are over 750 locations across the country that participate.

The theater owners decide what movies to markdown and by how much. On top of discounted movie tickets, you can also get special pricing on concession stand items. This is a free app and you can see discounts of up to 60 percent.

If your favorite movie theater doesn't participate in Dealflicks, you even have the chance to help get them on board. The site is asking users to help spread the word to bring in more locations. They want you to talk with the theater manager and tell them all about the site. They say some theaters sign up after speaking with just one happy Dealflicks customer.

Dealflicks is available for both Apple and Android users.

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