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Types of ransomware targeting mobile devices

3. Fusob

Another widespread version of mobile ransomware is known as Fusob.

Fusob displays threatening messages on the user's screens, trying to scare them. Just like the example we shared earlier, this strand of ransomware claims that criminal activity is the direct cause of the fine. They then prompt the user to pay the fee or basically go to jail.

Of course, these claims are false. There is no such thing as the Cyber Police.

Fusob also requests that the payment is made through atypical methods, such as iTunes gift cards or vouchers. Ransom rates range anywhere from $100 to $1,000 to receive the necessary key to unlock your device.

Protect your mobile device

With the ever-growing threat of ransomware, you need to take precautionary steps. Here are suggestions that will help:

  • Back up data regularly - this is the best way to recover your critical data if your computer is infected with ransomware.
  • Make sure your backups are secure - do not connect your backups to computers or networks that they are backing up.
  • Do NOT enable macros - You should never download PDF, Word or Excel files attached to unsolicited emails to begin with. If you do open one of these documents and it says that you need to turn on macros, close the file and delete it immediately.
  • Never open risky links in emails - don't open attachments from unsolicited emails, it could be a phishing scam. Ransomware can infect your gadget through malicious links found in phishing emails. Can you spot one? Take our phishing IQ test to find out.
  • Have strong security software - this will help prevent the installation of ransomware on your gadget.

Backing up your critical data is an important safety precaution in the fight against ransomware. It's the best way to recover your files without paying a ransom.

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