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8 really useful sites on the web

8 really useful sites on the web
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Do you ever find yourself aimlessly wandering around the Internet? With millions of sites to choose from it's easy to get lost and off the beaten path. That's why we thought you'd love these eight sites. They're some of the most useful sites on the web.

The Internet is the greatest tool we have at our fingertips for a multitude of things. Education, entertainment, shopping and connecting with friends on social media are just a few of the things people can do online. Here are some site suggestions that you will love and help expand your universe.

1. Create your own apps


Have you ever thought about creating an app? If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and have an idea for a fun app, or one you think will make money, your next step is building it. Don't worry, that's pretty easy to do.

One no-cost option to get started is with the site Appy Pie. If you have basic information you want to put on your app, you can have it up and running in just minutes.

Appy Pie works with Android, iOS and other operating systems. It's free with ads, although there are options to upgrade, starting at $7 a month. The site will give you step-by-step instructions on building your app to perfection.

2. Get Skilled At Computer Programming


Coding isn't simple. In fact, computer codes are actually new languages that look completely foreign to you if you've never worked with them before. Within coding, there's a bunch of languages like Java, C++, PHP, Ruby and many more.

Learning a new computer language can be extremely intimidating for someone looking to break into the industry. But, Exercism makes it a little less scary. The site is full of exercises that will let you practice coding and then let you get feedback from others.

Coding isn't just about knowing the basics. It's also about accumulating experience and knowing what to do in specific situations. That's why Exercism is such a valuable resource. Each practice exercise gives you the chance to work around a new problem and then post your solution so other users can comment. That way you'll learn from your mistakes and know what to do next time.

The more exercises you complete, the more you'll develop your skills and know how to work through and solve problems.

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