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3 eBay scams spreading like wildfire

3 eBay scams spreading like wildfire

Craigslist and Facebook aren't the only places where you have to watch out for scams. These days, the Internet is swarming with scammers who are hiding in the background, hoping you won't notice.

One place where you have to be extra careful is eBay. Like Craigslist, eBay is known as a place where you can find amazing deals - which also makes it an ideal platform for scammers, because deals that sound too good to be true are more difficult to spot.

Right now, there are three scary scams that are spreading on eBay. We want you to know about them.

1. No product, no refund

Fox 17 in West Michigan, recently shared the story of a man named Bob Masters, who was victimized by this scam. Masters was trying to find some unique tools when he stumbled across a listing from an eBay seller.

A few things seemed suspicious at first, but nothing seemed completely implausible. The posting said that the parts were located in China and would need to be shipped overseas. The parts were also listed at a steep discount that was well below their market value, which made Masters feel that he was getting a good deal when he was really being scammed.

Masters purchased the tools and waited for them to arrive, but when they never came he assumed they had been lost in shipping. It was then that he reached out to the seller, who offered to send Masters a replacement.

The replacement tools never arrived either, so Masters reached out to the seller again. At this point, he was told that he had been issued a refund and instructed to confirm the payment had arrived in his PayPal account. But the payment wasn't there.

The whole ordeal took months to play out with all of the back-and-forth between Masters and the seller. And by the time Masters realized he wasn't getting the tools, or his money back, it was too late for eBay to get involved either.

eBay does offer a 30-day money back guarantee, but that didn't help in this instance. PayPal has recently extended its time limit, allowing users up to six months to dispute a charge on their account. But this scam works because the scammers draw the process out. By the time you realize it's happening, those deadlines may have passed.

In the end, there was nothing Masters could do to reclaim the money he lost.

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