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10 reasons not to switch to Windows 10

10 reasons not to switch to Windows 10
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You've heard us warning you that Microsoft is about to charge you $119 for its for-now FREE Windows 10 upgrade. If you have an older version of Windows and like it, you should upgrade to Windows 10 now.

That $119 charge will hit around the time Microsoft rolls out its first major revision to Windows 10 with its Anniversary Update, likely in July. (Click here to read about Windows 10 Anniversary Update's cool features.)

If you've been holding out for Windows 10, there are a few things you're missing out on. For one thing, your startup time with Windows 10 is a bit faster.

Plus, it has more built-in security features. The web browser Microsoft Edge is also a big improvement over Internet Explorer. That includes upcoming browser extensions that'll make it easy for you to personalize the sites you visit.

But, hold on! Don't rush out and upgrade to Windows 10 just yet.

Here are 10 compelling reasons you may not want to upgrade to Windows 10. Or, if you've already upgraded, here are some changes Microsoft has made that you might hate!

Top-10 countdown starts here!

10. Computer peripherals might not work

Take a look around your computer. Do you have a scanner, printer, keyboard, mouse, speakers or anything else you plug into it? What if those peripherals suddenly didn't work?

That's a problem many people just like you are having with Windows 10. Their older peripherals don't work with the newest version of Microsoft's operating system.

That's a hassle if you can't do everyday things like chat on Facebook, send out emails, stream music and movies. But it's costly if you work at home and can't use your computer.

Note: The upside here is that this will become less of a headache over time, as manufacturers make peripherals that are compatible with Windows 10.

9. Software trouble

Like computer peripherals above, the software programs that you've been using forever may not be compatible with Windows 10. This could be a long-term problem.

Microsoft has made it quite clear that it's moving away from older versions of Windows. So some of the computer programs you use may never be compatible with Windows 10.

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