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5 hidden Facebook tricks you need to start using

To review these photos, the best way is to check your Activity Log on the desktop version of Facebook. (To access your Activity Log, just click the "View Activity Log" button located on the bottom right side of your desktop cover photo.) In the Activity Log page, click on "Photos" on the left side column, then "Photos of You."

From here, there are multiple tweaks you could do with the right-hand corner drop-down arrows. To see all your visible public photos, select "Public" on the "Shared with:" arrow and select "Visible" on the " On Timeline" arrow then scroll down to review. You could then hide photos from your Timeline or report/remove tags by clicking the pencil icon.

3. Log out of Facebook remotely

There may be times when you logged in to Facebook using a friend's or a public computer and you may have forgotten to sign out.  This may spell trouble for you since it is one big security no-no. Thankfully, Facebook has a way of logging you out of all your sessions remotely.

On the desktop version of Facebook, click the little drop-down arrow on the upper-right corner then select "Settings." Next, click "Security and Login". Here look for the "Where You're Logged In" section. In this section, find the device you want to log off from by clicking the three vertical dots on the left side then select "Log Off."

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