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3 types of online creepers and how to avoid them

3 types of online creepers and how to avoid them
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The Internet seems like a friendly place. It's where you watch cat videos, shop for clothes and connect with friends on social networks. But don't be fooled. The Internet also makes it possible for creepers to hide behind their laptops.

Chances are, you don't even know they're watching you. They snoop through your photos, follow your posts and, in some cases, even use GPS to follow you personally. So, here are the top three types of creepers to watch out for.

1. Facebook creepers

The most frightening thing about Facebook creepers is that they're probably someone you know. It may be an old friend from high school, or a past college roommate - but, whoever it is, you've friended them and they're watching.

Facebook creepers follow every post you add, photo you share and status change you make to your profile. Sometimes they'll leave comments, and sometimes they'll hold back so you won't even know that they're following you.

In many cases, Facebook creepers are completely harmless. They may have a slight crush on you, or a curious interest in your life, but they're not out to hurt you in any way.

But, in other cases, Facebook creepers become literal stalkers, and that's when things start getting scary.

This is why you should be careful about the information you list on your Facebook profile, as well as what you post to your feed. Things like checking in at a concert, or sharing photos while you're on vacation can give these creepers all the information they need to take advantage of you.

There are five things you should not post on Facebook.

1.    Your home address

2.   Your phone number

3.   Anything work related

4.   Your relationship status

5.    Your birthday

If you need help securing your Facebook profile, here are three articles you should read. The first one goes into more specifics on why you should not post the five items above:

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