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7 hilarious Twitter accounts to follow for when you need a good laugh

Since hitting the scene, how Twitter is used has evolved dramatically. What started as a way to share every detail of our lives in 140 characters became a legitimate source for news of all varieties. If you’re new to Twitter and/or are looking for a daily dose of humor, you have to check out these accounts!

  1. NOTSportsCenter™ (@NOTSportsCenter) - "SportsCenter style sports news, with a fake twist (parody, not affiliated with ESPN)"
  2. Paperback Paradise (@paperbackparadise) - "The world's #1 used book store. Come visit us at the edge of eternity." Classic book covers with reimagined titles.
  3. Subway WWExperience (@WWESubway) - "Right to the midsection..." Tweets pertain to situations that could happen at Subway accompanied by a WWE reaction GIF.
  4. Shower Thoughts (@TheWeirdWorld) - "Thoughts from the shower. Usually taken from https://www.reddit.com/r/Showerthought"
  5. SpongeBob Sports (@SpongeBobSports) - "This is how SpongeBob, Patrick, and the rest of gang would react to the sports world. (No affiliation with Nickelodeon or the TV show)"
  6. AntiComedian (@jokeisntfunny) - "'big boring killjoy'" Devoted to letting people know how unoriginal their tweets are.
  7. Fake Showbiz News (@FakeShowbizNews) - "Hello, we're Fake Showbiz News! Follow us for breaking news on today's biggest stars, including Jimmy Nail, Tulisa Contostavlos, Morrissey and Why Bird"

Are there ones we missed? Let us know which gems you've found! And don't forget to follow @kimkomando for breaking news, expert ratings, buying advice, insider tips and much more!

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