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9 amusing gadgets that will make you say, 'I want that'

9 amusing gadgets that will make you say, 'I want that'
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It's inevitable. Sometimes you see a cool gadget and can't help but think, "I want that." With all the gizmos on the market today, it's easy to get overwhelmed and want everything. Unfortunately, you probably don't have enough space or money to buy all of them. Fortunately, we're here to help.

We have compiled a list of gadgets we know you will find irresistible. From a foolproof breakfast sandwich maker to a drink dispenser disguised as a golf bag, these items are as practical as they are intriguing. Grab a pen and paper, or whatever device you take notes on, because you're going to want to add these 9 amusing gadgets to your wish list.

Mobile Magic


Universal Remote Pro

Isn't it the worst when you get comfy on the couch, just to realize the remote you need is halfway across the room? Ditch the hassle of multiple remotes and upgrade to the Universal Remote Pro! This handy little remote plugs right into your phone and controls over 200,000 devices. With setup that takes less than a minute and step by step instructions on how to connect it to your devices, this remote will forever enhance your TV watching experience. (Komando Shop, $25)


Brookstone Pocket Projector Micro

Have the luxury of watching what you want, when you want, on a big screen wherever you want with the Brookstone Pocket Projector Micro. This impressive projector provides images up to 50" diagonal with a resolution of 640 x 360, yet is small enough to easily fit in your pocket. With battery life lasting over 2 hours and built-in speakers that fill the room with sound, you can now enjoy your favorite games and movies anywhere! Plug in, relax and enjoy the show. (Amazon, $229)


Perfect Drink App-Controlled Smart Bartending

Take all of the guesswork out of making your favorite drink with Perfect Drink App-Controlled Smart Bartending. Simply connect your iOS device to this gadget to access hundreds of drink recipes with real-time pouring instructions, complete with a smart scale that weighs each ingredient you pour to ensure the most accurate measurements. This must-have gadget also generates a list of drinks you can make with what's stocked in your kitchen. (Amazon, $43)

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