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10 best apps and gadgets for traveling with kids

10 best apps and gadgets for traveling with kids
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“Are we there yet? … Are we there yet? … Are we there yet?” That's probably the most-uttered phrase in road trip history, especially if the kids are in for the journey.

Traveling with kids can be quite a hefty thing to take on. You've got to get them from Point A to Point B, with multiple stops along the way, you've got to keep them entertained, and most importantly, you've got to keep them happy. With the right apps and the right gadgets, the trip, either by plane, train or automobile, can be a little less painful. Here's our list of gadgets and apps to check out before you take off, hit the road, or set sail.

Must-have apps

If it's time for a road trip, you know you need to carefully plan out all of your potty breaks along the way. An app like iExit can tell you the exits on any highway, what's at that stop, and what you can do to stretch your legs and take a break.

Meanwhile at the airport, you'll want a similar app. The GateGuru app has maps of every major airport so you can navigate your layover with ease, even with the kids in tow! It even keeps track of security wait times, flight delays, layover times and gate changes. Find a play area or a kid-friendly restaurant with just a few clicks.

But kids can wander off. That's what you'll want an app like FamilyTime Dashboard installed on both parent's and children's phones or tablets. It's an app that monitors your child's location, as well as their Internet and smartphone activity.

With Family Time Dashboard, you can get panic alerts from your children if they get lost, get notified when your kids are ready to get picked up, and with the location tracker you can get detailed history reports of where you child goes. If there's a certain place you don't want them to go, you can set up geofences to exclude questionable locations and get instant alerts when those borders are breached.

Games for the whole family
Board games are bulky and card games are tricky to play without a table. But with a smartphone or tablet and the right apps, the next road trip or flight can be jam-packed with family fun.

For hours of road trip fun, you can try out States 'n' Plates, the popular road trip game where you "collect" license plates from all 50 states. The app also includes fun facts and trivia about each state, puzzles for all 50 states and more. Another fun road trip game is Road Trip Bingo. Did you just pass a tree? A cow? Or maybe a bus? Tap the screen to mark off items as you find them.

There's also the classic game MadLibs and apps like Drawing Desk to let the kids doodle without the mess and hassle of crayons. You can also download 500 Coloring Pages if your children prefer coloring to drawing.

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