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3 low-tech activities getting high-tech makeovers

Technology is constantly changing for the better, making our everyday lives easier. From smartphones that fit in the palm of your hand and allow us to conduct almost any digital task, to home-hubs that let us control all of our smart appliances with a simple voice command. Innovation in technology is everywhere.

Even the smallest of products are getting a hi-tech makeover. Who would have ever thought there would be an amazing innovative replacement for the simple notepad?

You'll get a kick out of some of these new products. But once you try them, you'll wonder how you ever got by without them.

So let's take a quick trip down memory lane, and highlight some of the best low-tech activities that have received high-tech makeovers. Here are our top three:

1. Doodling & taking notes



Remember when Post-it Notes were the biggest thing that ever happened to note taking? Well, things have changed since then. While you might still see Post-its in the supply cupboard at the office, you probably won't see them anywhere else. Because really, why bother? There's no need.

Laptops, tablets and smartphones make jotting down ideas easier than ever before. But, if you still prefer to use that old pen and paper, there is a product out there that's the best of both worlds. The Wacom Bamboo Spark or Bamboo Slate can transform the way you sketch, write and share your thoughts with others.

These handy gadgets use a smart folio and smart pen to convert handwritten notes into a digital format - all at the press of a button. You don't need a special (or expensive) type of paper to make it work. Just write as you normally would, then press the button to save your notes in the cloud, or send them to your phone or tablet.

You can get a Bamboo Spark on sale for around $50 at Amazon.

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